Returning to Work Safely During COVID-19

Success depends on accurate and consistent communications to both employees and visitors.

Booklets and Personal Safety Kits

Our Booklet  (Download a PDF sample of booklet click here.)

We understand that employers are faced with the difficult task of preparing their office to reopen. The most important of which is to ensure the safety of both employees and visitors.


With that in mind, CoreMedia Systems funded the development of a comprehensive 20-page booklet “Returning to Work Safely During COVID-19” It is offered through our non-profit arm Response Responsibility.

Our standard Edition 6” X 9”, 20-page Booklet is printed on 100LB Gloss stock.

Pricing for the printed booklet is as follows:

Quantity                 Standard Edition*     Custom Edition**

50                      $895                   $1,395

100                    $1,095                $1,595

200                    $1,295                $1,795

*Includes Standard Edition Booklet, Printing and Shipping
**Includes Custom Edition Booklet (Company Logo, Company Customization and Personalization), Printing and Shipping

We welcome additions:
Talk to us about custom illustrations and larger quantities.

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Prepackaged Employee COVID-19 Safety Kits


The kit contains a packet of 10 sealed face masks, a packet of 5 pairs of gloves, and 20 Purell hand sanitizer wipes.


For a 20-page sample of our booklet or to order our safety kit, 

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The cost of each Employee COVID-19 Safety Kit is $35.00


About Response Responsibility

CoreMedia Systems founded Response Responsibility, more than a decade ago, as a philanthropic movement. One that invites corporations and patrons to experience the indelible effects of contributing, not only funding but by acting for causes they feel are dear to their individual philosophies. To find a need and fill it has always been an inherent important part of our culture to want to give back.


As a thank you for your support of Response Responsibility, 10% of the proceeds from your kit purchases will be donated to one of the charitable organizations we support or a specific organization that supports your corporate mission.